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Blood Brothers Free essay! Download now

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Blood Brothers

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Blood Brothers Essay


Mickey comes across as a happy person, but is also very wary, as we see when Eddie gives Mickey the sweets. Mickey is surprised that Eddie gives the sweets after only asking once; he thinks that Eddie may have done something to them.
On stage I think Mickey would speak with a lot of slang and informal language. He may dress in old maybe even 2nd hand clothes. When he moves around the stage he may move very cautious of his surroundings and the people around him. This might be because we know he is a suspicious person so he may think something is going to happen at any moment or someone may do something to him. We see this when he suspiciously takes one of the sweets that Eddie offers him trying to work out the catch.

Eddie is a very cheerful child, who dose not really have anything to worry about in life, because Mrs Lyons can provide his every want and need. He lives a formal life with Mr and Mrs Lyons although we do not see much of Mr Lyons through out the play. When he meets Mickey he is really taken back by the language that Mickey uses, we see this when Eddie says “P***ed off". You say smashing things don't you? P***ed off. Do you know any more words like that? This also shows that Eddie is very interested in the way Mickey speaks, maybe because Mrs Lyons has kept him very secure in him lifetime and has not let him hear anything like this.
On stage I think Eddie may wear posh top of the line clothes. He would speak in a formal way; he doesn't speak any slang only when he is repeating what Mickey has just said e.g. “pissed off”.

At the beginning of this scene, Eddie is pleased to see Mickey. He is cheerful, pleased to see Mickey and even offers him a drink. “Come in, come in”. However Mickey is not so pleased to see Eddie “He robs, like you do!” Earlier on in the play Mickey and Eddie were together as much as they could be so Mickey’s attitude towards Eddie has changed quite a bit from the beginning of the play.

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