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Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English literature > Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet

Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet

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Act 1 Scene 5 Essay  Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet essay previewAct 1 Scene 5 Essay  Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet essay preview


Act 1 Scene 5 Essay Film - Script - Romeo and Juliet


Act 1 Scene 5 Essay
Film - Script

Romeo and Juliet is a movie written by Shakespeare. The script and the movie are similar but have many differences which are important in moulding the sense of emotion with the course that the movie or script is taking. The movie tends to use more visual effects and the script uses language techniques. Act 1 Scene 5 in this story is where the main characters, Romeo and Juliet meet for the first time, so it is quite significant.

In the first part of the scene, it is, in the script, Romeo’s first sight of Juliet. Romeo spotted Juliet and stared at her for a while before speaking. He then asked a servant who she was, the servant was unaware of her identity so couldn’t give Romeo a reason not to love her. If Romeo had known that she was a Capulet then he would instantly be put off loving her as their families were blood rivals and could cause a lot of danger for him. Romeo speaks to describe Juliet in a very poetic way, but copying the words of Petrarch. He uses rhyming couplets, ‘bright-night, ear-dear and etc.’ This is also a use of metaphorical imagery such as dove, which represents peace and purity. Romeo describes Juliet as a Goddess and saying he will be better by touching her hand. At this point, the audience would feel slightly annoyed with the fact that earlier on that day Romeo loved Rosaline but now has moved on in a matter of a few hours. Although the language Romeo uses is very complimentary and genuine, it isn’t his own which means that he ma not be expressing his real emotions. This part in the movie is very different, this is due the fact that Juliet and Romeo saw each other at the same time and they were instantaneously in love. The director, Baz Luhrmann, used a tactic that couldn’t be used in the script; this was the use of romantic music utilized instead of having dialogue which created a sense passion for each other. The film had not many lines for Romeo at all whereas; this part of the scene in the script is mostly Romeo’s speech.

The next part of the scene was when Romeo was spotted b Tybalt. In both the script and the film, Tybalt tells his uncle that there has been an intrusion by a rival family in an invitation-only Capulet party, he believes that this is a good enough reason to attack and even kill him. Capulet, his uncle, says no, as it would create a mutiny among his guests and he recognises Romeo’s good reputation. In the film, this part of ...

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