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A VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE essay previewA VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE essay previewA VIEW FROM THE BRIDGE essay preview


an essay on dramatic tension through the play


A View From The Bridge

By Arthur Miller

Arthur Miller creates dramatic tension in the last scene of act one in
several ways, one technique used is powerful stage directions which
are used throughout the course of act one to show Beatrice’s and
Catherine’s original amount of admiration and respect for Eddie,
subsequently Miller uses the introduction of the two new characters
Marco & his brother Rodolfo (who engages in a close relationship with
Catherine) to create conflict between Eddie and the two female
characters thus leading to the gradual exposition of Eddie’s
antagonistic behaviour towards Rodolfo which leads to Marco’s
realisation of Eddie’s real nature therefore creating even more
tension until the last scene where Eddie’s status is swiftly
diminished where Miller uses commanding stage directions to show who
has dominance between the characters which ultimately leads to a
complete power shift from Eddie to Marco.

Miller uses the female characters obvious resentment of Eddie’s
opinion to make the audience feel tense. Miller does this by showing
how the build-up of hostility shown by Eddie leads to the beginning of
the deference of Eddie’s general opinion made known by the other
characters. For example the female characters defiance towards Eddie
is shown in one case when there has already almost been an argument
involving Eddie so tension is still ripe on stage. This is when;
knowing of Eddie’s dislike of Rodolfo Catherine shows her unruliness
towards Eddie by asking Rodolfo to dance with her. Beatrice also
shows defiance towards Eddie when Rodolfo refuses to dance with
Catherine, consequently Beatrice re-enforces Catherine’s resentment of
Eddie and shows defiance by saying “Go ahead, dance, Rodolfo”. At
this point in the play the audience are made aware of both Catherine
and Beatrice’s defiance towards Eddie and also their resent for
Eddie’s opinion. Arthur Miller has used this situation to create a
tenser atmosphere on stage because the play is set in a household
where culture and tradition are very important and one of the vital
aspects of this particular culture is the respect a woman should have
for a man.

The fight set up by Eddie is used to make the audience feel more edgy
by showing how Eddie’s hostility towards Rodolfo and struggle for
manliness and power inevitably leads towards violence. Miller has
left the audience on the edge by showing them that the characters on
stage do not realise Eddie’s ulterior motive which is only to hurt
Rodolfo. Arthur Miller has made it obvious Eddie only wants to hurt
Rodolfo, Miller doe this by composing Eddie’s script and stage
directions deviously. This is done by making Eddie begin by only
talking about boxing and taking Marco and Rodolfo to the ...

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