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Writing a Eulogy Free essay! Download now

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Writing a Eulogy

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Writing a Eulogy  essay previewWriting a Eulogy  essay preview


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I could give this eulogy in 4 words Javane was simply amazing.
Javane Rushane Francis was born to mother Jacquline Banton and father Michael Francis on the 8th of October 1990. Javane was the only baby boy in the house along with two girls, he was the biggest one they had to call him ‘Mountain Giant’ due to how big he was. While growing up Javane loved his food, when he is eating and sees someone coming he would lay down over his plate because he don’t want anyone to take it away. At the age of 2 he started to attend Western United Basic School, where he spent 5 years. He then went on to Seaview Garden Primary. His mother would take him to school every morning and she would say to him “have a wonderful day don’t let anyone spoil your day, and be a good boy now” and then she would kiss him on his jaw. It was the same treatment he got while he was attending Denham Town High, sometimes he would say “mommy mi a big boy now me alone will go to the bus stop. His mother would say “no no you are my baby”. While in high school he loved welding. From about age 6 he would go with his uncle Richie on weekends to see what was going on. A few days before his death he had just completed his first individual job and his client was impressed with the work.
He left high school with the intention of becoming a certified welder so he registered at the Rockfort Heart Academy upon his death he was waiting on his call. He always wanted to go back to school, his mother didn’t want him to stay home so she walked and looked a job for him and through connection he got his first job at Courts Jamaica Ltd. He worked at Courts for 7 months until he got laid off, so he went on to do what he loved; welding. He is a man of many words sometimes when he calls his mother ‘mommy doups’ and say ‘nigger wats up’. He was also a strict person his 2 cousins Shanel and Janike could not wear any and any clothes, especially Shanel with her short shorts. She said to him one day “your woman wear them and you don’t complain, so why can’t I?” He said “that is my woman you are my cousin don’t wear them”.
Javane had lived an amazing life even though it was rather short. He was a great person, friend, and one of the world’s best fathers. He had a huge heart and a remarkable sense of humor. ...

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