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Uses and gratifications theory essay - Asiana magazine Free essay! Download now

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Uses and gratifications theory essay - Asiana magazine

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Uses and gratifications theory essay - Asiana magazine


Beginning with Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, I feel that the magazine meets two out of the five categories, them being: social needs (the need for family, friendship and love) and self-esteem needs (the need for confidence, achievement and respect.) The magazine’s content covers certain cultural, work and social issues which allow these needs to be expressed, and therefore give a certain sense of emotional release as to matters which may not be discussed in our everyday lives. Because of these important topics included within the magazine, I feel that I can connect more to people from the same background as me, giving me a sense of belonging to Asians in Britain. This means that ‘Asiana’ magazine gives me more confidence about myself as to who I am and in terms of social interaction.

Moving onto to another reason of entertainment, I read ‘Asiana’ magazine for a sense of diversion; the magazine allows me to escape from everyday life and its concerns. The magazine also allows me to relax during free time and revitalise my mind-even if its reading the same magazine more than twice. Connecting this to the ‘Uses and Gratifications theory’, the magazine fulfils whatever unaccomplished desires of mine I may have in the form of escapism, ridding me of any emotional stress. The £4.50 seasonal magazine is released four times a year meaning I spend £18 a year to read it- one can say that it has become a routine for me to keep buying the magazine whenever it’s released. However, personally I feel that the magazine is a treat for me in return for good work. Besides this, the magazine is also sometimes just something to do if I have free time on my hands or if I’m alone.

As well as this, the magazine allows me to continue building a personal identity where my values, morals, beliefs and even character are supported- in other words, I can relate to the magazine in terms of general articles such as beauty, fashion- but also its cultural and social issues. For younger females who read the magazine, like me, we’re constantly trying to find who we are- our identity- I feel that this magazine allows me to explore possibilities by the use of inspiration from people in the media text. Because of this reason, the people and celebrities within the magazine allow me to have good role models, get a further insight into myself and also to become a better person overall. I am influenced, not by the opinions given in the magazine, but by the people who appear in it.

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