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Time Management Free essay! Download now

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Time Management

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Time Management essay previewTime Management essay preview


Time Management


Time Management
I need to develop ways on how to better manage my time. According to Bennet and he captures it well in his writing that if time is not managed well it has consequences and my life seems to be testament to this. I have a bad habit of finishing off one task and merely moving on to the next task because it was urgent, but I make the common mistake of doing what is urgent and neglecting those things that are really important, finding myself left with minimal time to attend to important issues. The introduction of a simple work plan that is drafted weekly and amended where necessary daily will help me keep focus and pay particular attention to important issues at hand. Being a smart time manager means choosing to focus on completing a few vital projects that make a significant difference as opposed to doing many things of which very few are significant.
Time management is an art that is based on effective prioritisation. In order to make time for the activities that one enjoys, it is imperative to use time effectively, which helps create balance in ones life and gives a sense of accomplishment from what has been done. In my life, work and personally, I find that I never have enough hours in the day, and it leaves me feeling stressed and exhausted. By planning my day more effectively and focusing on the important aspects instead of merely putting out fires, I need to prioritise more and utilise my time more effectively with due consideration of work, family and me. My immediate intervention will be to follow the 15 Time Management Tips and making adjustment to it based on my personal circumstances
1. Write things down – back to basics, I will develop a ‘to do’ list
2. Prioritize your list – rate tasks on what is most important to me
3. Plan your week - plan the week ahead and review daily making adjustments where necessary
4. Carry a notebook – to capture thoughts and ideas that will assist in better planning
5. Learn to say no- do not over –commit and compromise my personal time. Don’t do other peoples work. Don’t punish myself for being efficient.
6. Think before acting – check weekly plan and to-do list before accepting more tasks, either personal or work related
7. Continuously improve yourself – develop a list of books to read and a time frame of by when it should be read
8. Identify bad habits – eliminate bad habits that sabotage your goals and block success.
9. Don’t be a perfectionist – do bare minimal for less important work, not every output needs to be exceptional.
These aspects are what ...

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