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The Visit: My visit to Morocco Free essay! Download now

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The Visit: My visit to Morocco

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This an essay about a visit I have made to Morocco.


As I was sharing the room with both twins, Sally and Sarah I learned a lot about them and about Morocco. Every day I discovered something new about them. Sally was exactly the opposite image of Sarah; in her smart clothes, looking every bit like a city ‘slicker’, Sally has an air of confidence, older than her years. Her bright eyes matched her relaxed smile and it was easy to see why she was popular at school as Sarah had told me. They have got too little brothers, Ahmed and Ali who played devilish tricks on us.

We stayed there for one week. I was very happy to know my relatives but sad to leave them when my parents tried to be considerate and we dropped our bags at “Hotel Ali” and signed up for one of its three-day trips (£57 a head including accommodation and evening meals). This took us over the wild Atlas Mountains, through some stunning gorges and on to a camel trip into the Sahara. As the sun set behind us, Berber tribesmen led our camels on a two hours trek towards our tents, where mint tea (a refreshing, warming, stimulating tea, a pleasure you should never refuse) and fabulous couscous stew awaited. Only half the party slept in tents, the rest chose to sleep under the velvety cloth of glittery stars and comet tails. The atmosphere was pure and the stars glittered with incomparable brilliancy. The morning dawned calmly-no speck of cloud in the sky and no breath of wind over the dunes. On the way back an old taxi drove us to Marrakech. Its smell of oil and metal enveloped me. Strangely, it wasn’t unpleasant, but added to the sense of excitement I had.

Back in Marrakech, it was time to hit the legendary market Djemaa El Fna, the insane square where Morocco in al its madness came to hit us like a lorry. There were boys boxing, monkeys dancing, bands getting ready, men charming cobras, story-tellers ranting, and among all that food stalls, herb doctors, and inevitable henna artists. I insisted on having one of them doodling on my hands. When it got too much for me, Sally and Sarah took me to the roof top café where we had mint tea.

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