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Tempest Winds

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A creative writing piece describing a holiday to Sri Lanka, in which a family were forced to endure a severe storm


With growing exhilaration, I was beginning to comprehend the fact that our adventurous holiday here in Kandy, a hill station located in the central region of the island of Sri Lanka, had just begun. The gruelling five-hour journey from the capital (Colombo) to a remote part of Kandy in which our magnificent villa was located was finally over, and I savoured the freedom from my laborious and monotonous lifestyle back home. I sighed in admiration at the enchanted world presented before me as if a gift from God. I caught sight of a few hills not far from the villa which stood proudly with the beauty of a golden tapestry. Entranced by this picturesque scene, I began to explore my thoughts only to be woken out of my reverie seconds later by my mother who appeared beside me on the balcony.
“Breakfast is ready, dear,” she announced with a caressing voice. “Come downstairs when you are ready.”
She was wearing a magnificent purple gown and her tall, bony stature created a feeling of comfort and happiness in my heart. Her dark, gentle eyes gazed at me lovingly and she gave me a warming smile. I watched her turn and leave, her long, dark hair swishing in her wake like a silver thread caught in the wind. A gentle breeze ruffled my hair as I reluctantly bid farewell to the scenery across the balcony; I quickly walked past the doors leading into my room and my parents’ room and rushed down the stairs with utmost celerity. Once I reached the spacious dining room, I found a sumptuous meal placed before me and my mother reading a novel with a relaxed countenance. My mouth watering with hunger, I grabbed a seat and pulled every dish on the table towards me, piling my plate high with food. As I was eating, I reflected upon my mother; she was the sort of person who would care and comfort you in times of hardship though at the same time gave off an aura of wisdom. I immediately recognised the value of the loving bond of trust and understanding we shared.

As I poured myself a glass of orange juice, I suddenly heard the thundering of footsteps down the stairs which I knew belonged to my father. Sure enough, his large, muscle-bound figure emerged through the doorway of the dining hall moments later; his dark, malevolent eyes studied the room before finally landing on me. He gave me a piercing glare which caused me to recoil slightly in fear, not unlike the trepidation induced into a slave by his master. My father rubbed his tired eyes and subconsciously ruffled his jet-black hair which was streaked with grey as he seated himself beside my mother. My father was an interesting character to contend with, and was indeed in stark contrast to my mother in both appearance and personality; living with a man with such a capricious character had its advantages and disadvantages. At times he was stern and unforgiving though at other times, he was nearly as loving and as gentle as my mother. Furthermore, his mood was always shown in his eyes, which were easily the most prominent features of his haggard face.

I looked up at my father and gave him a weary sort of smile when he caught my eye, which he then returned. He stretched his bulky arms and scratched his rough and heavily scarred skin as he was usually accustomed to. He turned to my mother and asked with a raucous voice,
“How do you think we should start off our splendid holiday, Geeta? How about we do some hiking in the nearby forest so that we can all explore this region slightly more?” These words came as no surprise to either my mother or me, as he we both comprehended by now that my father’s adventurous side usually dominates his actions and decisions during the holidays.
“I was thinking the same thing!” replied my mother softly, setting her novel down on the table. “It’s a good idea for the family to spend some quality time together.” She was also the type of person who enjoyed hikes but for the sole reasons of appreciating the stunning scenery of an area and absorbing its unique atmosphere, rather than for adventure.
“Yes, indeed,” grunted my father, nodding in agreement. “What do you think, Sanjeev? Should we all go for a little walk first and take a look around? According to the weather forecast, it’s going to be sunny and warm all day long!”
“Sure!” I replied, hardly concealing the glee and excitement from my voice. “It will be an excellent idea, not to mention a unique experience!”
“So it’s decided then,” said my father, pouring himself a mug of steaming, hot black coffee. “Sanjeev, go upstairs and get your stuff ready; we should be heading out to the forest in approximately half an hour.” With that, I rushed upstairs again with great haste as I started looking for my clothes in my untidy and highly disorganised room. My heart was pounding with excitement; I was finally going to experience the sublime landscape surrounding the villa first-hand and with this thought, pleasure flowed through my veins with the viscosity of nectar.

The sun had risen by the time I went outside to the veranda where my parents were reclining on deck chairs. Without further ado, we set off at a brisk pace towards the forest opposite. I quickly glanced back at our majestic two-story villa, which was surrounded by lush greenery (mainly bushes and flowers) and set elegantly against the serene blue sky. Moments later, we had entered the forest.

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