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Summary of the Play Romeo and Juliet Free essay! Download now

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Summary of the Play Romeo and Juliet

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This is what the first 3 pages of the essay look like

Summary of the Play Romeo and Juliet essay previewSummary of the Play Romeo and Juliet essay previewSummary of the Play Romeo and Juliet essay preview


This is a Summary of the Play of Romeo and Juliet


A summary of the Play

Who? What? Where? When? Key quotes

This summary of ‘Romeo and Juliet’ can be used:

to introduce the play to students
as a reference document to study the play
as a revision tool

This resource provides the basis for learning for most of the activities within this education pack.

Pages 2 - 25 contain a summary of the play broken down scene by scene into a who? What? Where? When? and Key Quotes

Page 26 contains suggested assignments that can be linked to this resource

Act 1, Scene 1

Who? Key Players
Samson and Gregory - servants from the Capulet house
Abram and Balthazar - servants from the Montague house
Tybalt – cousin to Juliet and renowned swordsman
Benvolio – cousin to Romeo
Old Capulet – head of the house of Capulets and Juliet’s father
Lady Capulet – Capulet’s wife and Juliet’s mother
Montague – head of the house of Montague and Romeo’s father
Lady Montague – Monatgue’s wife and Romeo’s mother
Prince Escalus – ruler of Verona
Romeo – son of Monatgue

What? Key Actions
A fight breaks out between the two feuding families (the Montagues and the Capulets) and their servants.
The Prince breaks up the fight.
The Prince orders the fighting to stop, threatening the death penalty to those who insist on fighting.
Montague asks Benvolio to speak to Romeo, to find out what is wrong with him.
Romeo tells Benvolio that he is in love with Rosaline.

Sunday morning at nine o’clock.

A street in Verona.

Key Quotes

Act 1, Scene 2

Act 1, Scene 2

Who? Key Players
Paris – suitor for Juliet, Kinsman to Prince Escalus
Servant - of the Capulet household

What? Key Actions
Capulet agrees that Paris may marry Juliet but asks him to wait two years as she is only thirteen.
He asks Paris to win her heart and organises a ball to get things started.
Capulet instructs the servant to invite everybody on a list that he gives him.
The servant cannot read and asks Benvolio and Romeo to help him read the names on the invitation unaware that they are Monatgues.
Romeo sees that Rosaline will attend the ball, and he and Benvolio decide to attend the ball in disguise.

Sunday morning, soon after nine.

Another street in Verona

Key Quotes

Act 1, Scene 3

Who? Key Players
Lady Capulet
Nurse – to Juliet. She has looked after her since birth

What? Key Actions
Lady Capulet and the Nurse tell Juliet that she is betrothed to Paris and tell her to look out for him at the ball that night.
Nurse tells fond stories of how she nursed Juliet.

A room in Capulet’s house.

Sunday afternoon before the ball

Key Quotes

“Were not I thine only nurse I would say thou hadst suck’d wisdom from thy teat.” ...

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