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School uniforms should not be banned Free essay! Download now

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School uniforms should not be banned

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School uniforms should not be banned essay preview


School uniforms should not be banned debate


My team and I believe that school uniforms should be banned because it reduces peer pressure, reduces costs, makes students look tidy and clean, and reduces obedience trouble.

Children these days judge each other by their physical appearance, so some students are constantly being bullied or teased because they are not wearing clothes with a designer label on it. School uniforms may reduce peer pressure because students do not have to worry about their looks and about fitting in with other students. It also provides a way out for less fortunate students who cannot keep up with the latest trends. By removing the status that clothing labels give to students, school uniforms make all students equal to each other. Parents and educators report less violence, theft and other incidents when students dress alike or at least similarly.

While purchasing school uniforms can be expensive, students can wear the same outfit without having to worry about what to wear the next day. Uniforms are made out of durable, easy to care for materials that do not need frequent replacement. Many families realize an immediate benefit by not having to buy so many expensive fashion outfits for their children. The average cost for a yearís worth of school uniforms range form $110 to $140. A studentís popularity was based on how well he or she dressed and those unfortunate ones who could not afford to dress in the same way became the outcasts. They were ignored by the popular group or worse, became the target of harassment.

Wearing school uniforms help make students look tidy and clean. Students can choose to wear gang colour clothing with profanities written all over. If they do this, it will increase the chances of having fights in schools. There are inappropriate and rude symbols on clothing all the time and if a student chooses to wear them, they will not only damage the schoolís reputation but also reflects on the studentís personality and behaviour.

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