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Romeo and juliet Free essay! Download now

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Romeo and juliet

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How immature romeo is


In what ways might Romeo be said to be less mature than Juliet?

Approaching William Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ from the perspective of a twenty first century young person, I frequently find myself feeling quite annoyed with Romeo for his immature approach to life, and the foolish and impetuous way he deals with his relationship with Juliet and with the situations in which he finds himself throughout the play. In striking contrast to this, Juliet comes across as a much stronger and more measured character: infinitely more mature than Romeo, despite her very young age.

One of the chief ways in which Romeo’s immaturity stands out in the marked contrast to Juliet’s maturity, is in their different approaches to love and relationships at the beginning of the play. When we first meet Romeo, he comes across as rather pathetic, as he continuously announces his unrequited love for Rosaline. From a modern perspective, his behaviour could be compared to that of a love-sick teenager with a crush on a pop star. Romeo makes various poetic and tragic pronouncements on the nature of love itself: “Love is a smoke made with the fume of sighs;/Being purged, a fire sparkling in a lovers’ eyes...” These hint to us that he is in love with love itself, and revelling in the part of the rejected suitor. The Shakespearean audience would have been familiar with this notion of love as a sickness. The shallow nature of Romeo’s infatuation with Rosaline becomes clear in Act 1 Scene 5, when he meets Juliet at the Capulets’ feast. On his way to the feast, Romeo had continued to draw attention to himself as a rejected lover: offering to carry a torch light their way, saying “being but heavy, i will bear dumps the light” and “Under love’s heavy burden I do sink”. Yet at first sight of Juliet, he immediately dumps his infatuation for Rosaline, with words “Did my heart love till now? Forswear it, sight!”. It appears that Romeo has been playing with love, and has an immature and irresponsible approach to relationships.

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