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Producing Creative Texts - Local newspaper article - Don't get me started on... Free essay! Download now

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Producing Creative Texts - Local newspaper article - Don't get me started on...

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Producing Creative Texts - Local newspaper article - Don\


Your local newspaper runs a weekly column called Dont get me started on! in which a guest columnist is asked to write a piece of between 500-800 words. Writers use the column as a place to comment on some aspect of modern life that annoys them. Some writers produce comic writing others take a more serious approach. Write your piece for this column.


The Modern 4X4
These days we are seeing more and more four wheel drive vehicles being drive round by the wealthy women of this country, often with screaming children in the back, or a well groomed poodle sitting obediently on back seat. The 4x4s of the past, now old aged and withered unless kept untouched in a museum behind a pathetic red piece of rope, with a small gold plated sign dangling from it could, in the past he been categorised as the British farmyard vehicle. However as the mini cooper is often referred to as iconic, or the Nissan Micra as downright camp, the modern land rover discovery 3, or the latest Toyota land cruiser can no longer be correctly labelled as the farmers main means of transport, instead they are often used for school runs by the wealthier mums or for the well of architect to travel from place to place.
We mustn’t however apply this theory to all modern four wheel drive cars, it can still be said that there are rough, sturdy and mechanical machines rolling of the production line every day. For instance the land rover defender 110 is still widely used amongst farms, although less and less and the price increases and the aspects that are really necessary for farmers, the of road capability, are just as adequate as they were now with the far cheaper 1980s models. More often we are seeing the interiors of estate cars being quite simply shoved into new 4x4s and in some cases estate cars being given bigger wheels, higher suspension and the powered use of two extra wheels, apparently making it a ‘4x4’ which in this situation jus means each wheel is in some way sucking juice from the tank and not actually giving the true capability of off road driving.
Time and time again we hear the pitiful plea of the house rich wife asking for a brand new petrol guzzling machine that’s a million feet of the ground and could proudly run over any innocent rabbit with ease, simply due to the fact that every other day during the autumn there is a leaf or two on the rickety climbing road up to their manor house. Upon arrival at the show room the excitable children are predictably wowed by the BMW X5’s impressive yet unnecessarily complicated iDrive system, or the Mercedes Benz M class’s high tech Linguatronic voice control. But honestly wouldn’t we rather hear the satisfying clang of metal or metal, cog on cog as we but a heavy duty leaving, hence relising you from the glue like mud, instead of pressing a miniscule button that requires you to take of your gloves to ...

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