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Of mice and men Curley and Slim comparison Free essay! Download now

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Of mice and men Curley and Slim comparison

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Of mice and men Curley and Slim comparison essay previewOf mice and men Curley and Slim comparison essay preview


Curley and Slims' life on the ranch


Essay on Curley and Slim
‘Of mice and men’ was written by John Steinbeck in the 1930’s .The whole novel was written during the great depression and it is a reflection of how life was like for middle and lower working class people. The novel focuses on two ranch workers who are similar in some ways but also different in other ways. Curley and slim. Steinbeck presents Curley and Slim as two very powerful and authoritive figures on the ranch. Curley is the boss’s son so he has the power to ‘can’ anyone he wants without them objecting. However all the power and authority he has he demands it all. Whereas, Slim is the Jerk line skinner of the ranch. He is a normal ranch workers like the rest however, He has earned his respect through his skill and majesty. He has power over the ranch workers because they respect him and they take his word as ‘law’. He is different to Curley because he commands authority. Curley feels threatened by Slim and he detests people who are bigger than him. Slim is the complete opposite he is ‘inviting’ and gentle. Curley is the danger around. Whenever, he comes in Steinbeck makes the reader think that trouble will happen. This eventually leads to him breaking his hand. In the novel Curley is the only one who has a wife but he always has to look for her showing their weak relationship.
When Steinbeck first introduces Curley straight away Curley’s character portrays a negative image in the readers mind. He instantly shows an aggressive personality towards the two new ranch workers. George and Lennie. His character changes from relaxed to ‘calculating and pugnacious’. The way his character changes foreshadows trouble in the future. Because he should be welcoming the newcomers not showing them aggression. It also shows he has no respect for the ranch workers. I that his posture changes because he feels threatened by George and Lennie. During the great depression, many people became angry due to unemployment and lack of money. Curley for this reason could have become aggressive because he has the power which not many people have and he wants to exert his authority.
Steinbeck presents Slim in the totally opposite manner. Slim is introduced as a kind and gentle character who has skill beyond imagination. Slim is introduced as the person who has the real power over the ranch workers.’ Prince of the ranch’. This shows he is fair minded, quick witted, and good at what he does. His word is law and has to be taken literally. None can question whether they agree with Slim or not. H e dos not force them to obey him ...

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