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my first class composition writing

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my first class composition writing essay previewmy first class composition writing essay previewmy first class composition writing essay preview


it is all about my first class


My Grade School Days Essay, English Composition Writing on My Grade School Days
{1} I began school at seven in accordance with the law in a remote village. Short of funds, the school had only a few classrooms, all poorly constructed. Needless to say, our teachers were few, too. As a pupil I preferred the playground to the classroom and often liked to play tricks on girls, as by hiding insects in their desk drawers. On one occasion, I even grimaced behind the back of our teacher, causing the whole class to break into laughter; however, instead of becoming angry, he merely asked why we were laughing and wondered whether there was anything wrong with him. On another occasion, I punctured the tires of a car parked inside the school by using something sharp-pointed, leaving the principal frightened and bewildered after he had noticed that. Such were the happy moments in my life at that school. The happiest moment, to me and to all of my schoolmates, however, was the one when the school was letting out at the last bell of the day and we were rushing home as if we would never be back. Once, on our way home, a bunch of naughty students found a crickets' hole and exerted themselves to inject water into it with loud cheers. The girls were no less frantic than the boys when they were having a good time at such games as jump-rope, hopscotch and battledore and shuttlecock.

{2} My grade school days are the most wonderful time I have ever had. In those days I always wanted as eagerly to learn as a dog prowls about in search of food. The teachers taught me not only the three Rs but also the way to observe the world surrounding us. They laid more stress on observation than on memorization. Thus we had much time to talk over and trade our learning experiences. What excited me most during my grade school days, however, was to be out collecting specimens of the butterfly. Once, on a sunny day and after walking a good while, we reached a one began to catch the butterflies with great excitement while the teacher told us about the living habit of them. Though we spent more time in playing than in catching butterflies, we still had a rich collection when we went home, and a rich knowledge of wildlife into the bargain. After I attended junior high school I did not have much of an opportunity to learn the way I did in grade school, but did not regret because we are bound to go through various stages of life. Anyway, my grade school education was the cornerstone ...

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