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Moving Pains - narrative essay Free essay! Download now

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Moving Pains - narrative essay

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Moving Pains - narrative essay essay previewMoving Pains - narrative essay essay previewMoving Pains - narrative essay essay preview


The pains of moving


Have you ever been told by a parent that you had to move halfway across the country? Did it scare you more than any other circumstance in your life? I was trapped by such a move, and back then I thought I'd never escape. I didn't want to start over.
That day began just like any other school day in Las Vegas. The incessant ringing of my alarm clock shattered the silence of sleep like a rock through glass. My bare feet hit the cold tile, and I winced. A quick breakfast that could hardly be called a meal was followed by a scramble looking for papers. A glance at the clock produced panic, and I began cramming homework into my bag like it was an Olympic sport. Throwing on shoes, I raced out the door. After fumbling with keys, I hopped into the chariot of choice, a Pontiac G6. The ignition created life, and rubber met the asphalt. Just like that we were off. 
Miraculously, I arrived on time but without a second to spare. From then on, it was repetition of the same. My route brought me past the same lockers where I said quick hellos to the same friends every week. Through the same classes we sat, pondering the same things such as lunch, video games and girls. After the process was duplicated successfully, it was back to the car I traveled to return home.
After flying down a few streets, making the appropriate turns, we pulled into the driveway. Upon arrival, mom greeted me. What she said however is stuck in my mind still today. "We need to talk, please sit down. We're moving." 
No person, child or adult, really wants to hear that phrase. To some of us, a person might as well tell us the world is falling down. It felt like all the time I put into friendships was wasted, and back then it seemed like I was leaving myself behind. I was afraid of new beginnings. The only feeling I knew was terror; new city meant new friends and surroundings. I was also very angry with my parents at that time. It was my dad's job that was dragging us away from Las Vegas and to Michigan, and there was nothing I could do about it. It seemed like it wasn't the way things were supposed to happen. 
When I mentioned it to my friends, they were all shocked. My friend Luke told me, “You guys have been here forever, you can't leave." I had no idea what to say to them. "I know I told some of you I'd always be here for you guys, but I gotta go now" ...

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