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MOTIVATIONAL STORY 傍HE MIRROR Free essay! Download now

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Once upon a time in an isolated village, lives a 16 years old girl named Laila. Laila is an intelligent girl in her school but because of her weird personality, most of her friends did not want to be friend with her. Obviously, there is something about her personality that makes people around her feels curious. She likes to be all alone by herself and does not like to mingle around with others. Besides that, the weirdest thing about Laila was that, there was not even a single mirror inside her room as well as inside her house. There is a time when her friends came to visit her at her house. When suddenly one of her friends wanted to borrow a mirror from her to touch up her makes up but, Laila simply can said with a loud and harsh voice, 的 hate mirror. Don稚 ask me about it again, or else you can get out from my house.韮ecause of that, no one dare to go to Laila痴 house again.
After that incident, everyone started to came up with their own perceptions towards Laila. Maybe because Laila hate mirror so much, she had never look at a mirror before. This causes her appearance really look untidy. Her hair gets messy most of the time, her clothes sometimes are dirty and her face sometimes look like she was so tired and less energetic with her eye bags laying under her eyes. She looks like she does not pretty much care about her physical appearance. Indeed, she actually realised about her appearance but she did not want to have a change in her life and this have make she have a very low self esteem than others. She will avoid talking to others especially when she has to talk or present in front of the class. She also will give a lot of excuses to avoid from doing this. Her low confidence level was really obvious when she have once chosen for a scholarship痴 interview because of her excellence and consistent results in her examination but she have turned down that offer because she felt that she was not good enough for that place and always think negatively about herself. She feels that everyone will hate her, everyone does not want to be friend with her. But actually, all these were because of her attitude and appearance herself towards others. No one can help her to change other than her herself.
Each and every time Laila saw a mirror, she will scream and run away from that mirror as if a phobia person. Why? Everyone keeps questioning inside themselves but no one can came up with the right answer. The ...

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