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Media coursework on adverts Free essay! Download now

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Media coursework on adverts

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Media coursework on adverts essay previewMedia coursework on adverts essay previewMedia coursework on adverts essay preview


Comparing two media adverts


Compare and contrast the purpose and effectiveness of two adverts
Magazine advertising, in its simplest form, is an efficient method through which marketers communicate with their consumers, the hope of selling their product. Property investors use different media forms to communicate and persuade their readers to purchase their merchandise. This essay will focus on two advertisements that are publicizing their styled residence in diverse ways. Using adverts in magazines is an effective approach for investors to sell their properties. The first advert is being promoted by the Financial Times, a well-known and recognizable business newspaper, whose aim is to inform and influence their consumers. The second advert is by the Ardgowan Homes, a company whose publicity appeals to their conformists. The second of these adverts (by Ardgowan Homes) complies with the usual property principles, whilst the other subverts and undermines the audienceís expectations, by playing with typical conventions.
Britain is currently facing a period of recession, where buying or selling properties has become increasingly challenging. The target audiences for the adverts differ: Financial Times directs its property towards a modern and younger audience, whereas the second focuses its attention towards people with a more traditional life-style. Nonetheless, both companies focus and address their adverts towards affluent people.
The Financial Times advert uses a charismatic and vibrant layout, captivating the attention of a particular kind of audience who have an artistic and creative outlook on life. The enthralling image of the property is framed in a portrait and elongated style, whilst the property by Ardgowan Homes has been framed in a landscape and widespread approach. The Financial Times have outlined a large image of the property which is positioned centrally, resulting in it taking up most of the page. This creates a grandiose effect which immediately entices and attracts the attention of its readers. In comparison, the structure of Ardgowan Homesí advert differs, as the image that has been presented uses less than half of the A4 page. Moreover, within the image area of the page, there are snap-shots of interior rooms photographed and a birdís eye view of the propertyís location. This results in additional details supplied to the consumer, which the other advert lacks. This is a skilful method of diverting the readerís attention to the informative text below. Both adverts have used their own unique and adequate framing techniques to appeal to their readers.
Financial Times employs the camera shot to present their audience with the maximum size, detail and clarity, by deliberately zooming in, from below the eye-level resulting in the house looking much larger. However, the second advert uses full-view, side-on photograph taken from a distance to include all areas of the property which makes it a ...

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