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Marlowe, Moose Malloy, and the Spumoni case - featuring Explosive metaphors. Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English language > Marlowe, Moose Malloy, and the Spumoni case - featuring Explosive metaphors.

Marlowe, Moose Malloy, and the Spumoni case - featuring Explosive metaphors.

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 1100 | Submitted: 09-Feb-2005
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This essay is written in the style of many American 1920's private detective stories was an exercise in 'Explosive Metaphors'. The essay features many such metaphors such as "the rain fell like marbles from the sky" and "he had a handshake that could have cracked concrete".


“Well then I’ve come to the right man. You see Marlowe I’ve got a bit of a problem, I’m a businessman, I buy and sell things, and make a profit. As you know I was inside for some time, so instead of letting my business collapse, I got one of my close friends to look after it. Johnny, Johnny Spumoni, you might of heard of him? Well anyway, since I’ve been out, I’ve taken back my business, and I made Johnny my partner. You following this? This is where the trouble starts, Johnny wants an equal share of the profits, but I’ll only give him thirty percent. Now, since then, stuffs been happening, money’s gone missing, and some jewellery been taken and maybe a few other items have gone too. This is where I need your help.”
It was late about half eight, I had a date with a honey faced blonde in a few minutes, “Sorry mister, I’m shut, I closed at five, come back tomorrow.” I pulled out a cigarette and lent back in my chair.
Malloy gave me a glare that could have knocked over a door, his eyes fixed on me like leeches.
“Look Marlowe” lifting his gun to the table, “I want your help, and I don’t mean tomorrow.”
“Alright” I said before taking a suck on my cigarette and blowing it past his face, “tell me what you want me to do.”
“ Okay, Marlowe, it’s like this. I want you to follow Spumoni, find out what he does, and see if there’s anything suspect. If there is, I want to know.”
“ I’ll need to know where he lives and where he works, etc. and I’ll start tomorrow.”
“Well, Marlowe I was hoping you would start tonight, you see Spumoni’s meeting someone just across the street, I was hoping you’d find out who and why.”
I peered out the window, the neon lights flashed on and off, the rain fell like marbles from the sky. “Alright, I’ll stake out your man, but I’ll want pay for it.”
“How much do want?” said Malloy in a grouchy voice.
“ 300 dollars a week.”
“You got yourself a deal. But I want results.”

After Malloy left I sat gazing out the window waiting for while, a glass of whiskey and a few cigarettes later. It was about twelve when I decided to stop waiting for Spumoni to turn up. Then just as I was about give up, out of the flashing darkness emerged, Spumoni. He looked around like a nervous prairie dog and knocked on the door of the house across the way. A few seconds later, a candy eyed blonde arrived at the door, it was hard to get a real good look at her through the rain and the darkness. I picked up a pair of binoculars and took a closer look, as the street illuminated and then faded I got a good look at the girl, she was wearing a red dress and as she turned I soon realised that this was my girl, my date. Why the two timing she-devil, she had stood me up! Partly in the line of duty and partly as a result of feeling misled, I left the office and went down to meet her.

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