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Language testing - Key Terms Free essay! Download now

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Language testing - Key Terms

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Language testing - Key Terms essay previewLanguage testing - Key Terms essay previewLanguage testing - Key Terms essay preview


Language testing - Key Terms


Test: Any process for measuring ability, knowledge, or performance

Testing: A systematic approach to collecting information and making inferences about the ability of the student or the quality or success of a teaching course on the basis of various sources of evidence. This might be done by the tests, observations, interviews, and questionnaire.

Diagnostic Test: A test that is design to provide information about L2 learnersí strengths and weaknesses. For example, a test of the pronunciation of this kind may be used to measure the L2 learnersí pronunciation of English sounds. It may be used to find out how much L2 learners know before beginning a language course to better provide an efficient and effective course of instruction.

Achievement Test: A test designed to measure how much of a language learners have successfully learnt with specific reference to a particular course, textbook, or program of institution, thus a type of criterion-referenced test. This test is typically given at the end f a course.

Summative Test: A test given at the end of a course of institution, which measure or Ďsums upí how much a student has learnt from the course. This kind of test is usually graded test, i.e. it is marked according to a scale or set of grades.

Formative Test: A test that is given during a course of institution and that informs both the students and the teacher how well the student is doing well. This kind of test includes only topics that have been taught, and show whether the students need extra work or attention.

Norm-referenced Testing: A test that measures how the performance of a particular test taker or group of test takers compares with the performances of another test taker whose scores are given as the norm. A test takerís score is therefore interpreted with reference to the score of other test takers or groups of test takers, rather to an agree criterion score.
Criterion: A test that measures a test takerís performance according to a particular standard or criterion that has been agreed upon. The test taker must reach this level of performance to pass the test, and a test takerís score is interpreted with reference to the criterion score, rather than to the scores of other test takers.

Assessment: A use of tests, or the study of the theory and practice of their use, development, evaluation

Authenticity: (in testing) the degree to which language teaching materials have the qualities of natural speech or writing. In language teaching a distinction is made between materials that have been specially prepared to illustrate or practice specific teaching points and those that have been taken from real world sources.

Authentic Assessment: Various type of assessment procedures for evaluating test takersí achievement or performance using test takers that ...

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