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joining the military

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joining the military essay previewjoining the military essay previewjoining the military essay preview


narrative essay of why i joined the marine corp


Joining the Marine Corp
I joined the Marine Corp immediately after high school. My decision to join the Marines was no easy task, nor was it an easy process. When i was 12 years old all i ever wanted to be was a United States Marine. I had many influences that led me to joining the military. The old school military movies had a lot to do with my decision to join up. I often envisioned myself running through the jungle looking for Nazis, or sailing the oceans with the navy and aiding in the island hopping campaign against the nation of the rising sun. Enlisting into the Marines became my ambition, and it was a pursuit that required goal-oriented choices at the very start of my teenage years.
When I entered high school I always wanted to join sports that would help me with my military goals. I joined wrestling and football as a freshman in New Mexico, and it was here that I was given an opportunity to learn what it means to truly apply myself and earn the comradary of my peers. Within two years of joining wrestling I became the captain of the varsity wrestling team and was in charge of all the junior varsity wrestlers. It was my first real chance to know what it feels like to have responsiblities over others and be relied on to make the right decisions.
My father was a military man who joined the army immediately after high school, and I was soon to follow in those same footsteps. He was a mentor to me and gave me the proper advice that I needed to be successful in the Marines. Furthermore, my grandfather was an ex-marine from the old Vietnam Era. He always told me that his era of Marines was the last time "real men" wore the uniform. After hearing this statement repetitively, I made it my personnal goal to overcome his glorified Vietnam reputation. The stories he told me of his time overseas in Vietnam were very detailed, and at times a little graphic even for a young man who wanted to join up and do the same thing. I knew that despite the intensity of the life path I was seeking out, the title of a Marine remained my goal.
The start of my recruitement into the Marines began with Sgt. Vasquez in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Sgt. Vasquez evaluated me inside and out before he allowed me to progress onto the intelligence portion. I had a flawless criminal record, so I was qualified to obtain a job that required clearance. ...

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3I didnt actually think the essay really did what the title said it would do

Reviewed 349 weeks ago

4Good close personal story - found this useful for personal experience writing as part of my GCSE english classes

Reviewed 349 weeks ago