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Instant Messaging

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Instant Messaging essay previewInstant Messaging essay previewInstant Messaging essay preview


Instant messaging essay about the new technology


IM Essay

Instant messaging is a very popular method of communicating using a PC, a wireless phone or social messaging sites. Instant messaging first took off in 1996 when a company called Mirabilis introduced ICQ, this was one of the first IM programs available and there are still programs like this today. IM was originally created as a communication tool for socializing, however the advantages of IM led to businesses using it. With an estimated 1 billion people using instant messaging sites worldwide it shows that IM has become an immensely popular method of communication. IM is more instant then email, obviously easier to use, IM provides a face to face communication which ensures quick responses without having to wait while the other person types. Instant messaging is also a popular source of communication as you know whether the person you are talking to is online. On IM sites there will always be a contact list showing you who is and who isn’t online, this means if you message a person online they will instantly receive your message and reply back quicker.
In extract one there are two girls, Kat and Katsa talking to each other using an instant messaging site. They both use no-standard English, they use this as it easier and faster talk to each other and they are both friends and recognize the abbreviated words there using. Katsa uses phatic talk at the start of the conversation. ‘hey kat how r u’ this is a common opening in online conversation and is also similar in spoken conversation. She abbreviates ‘How are you’ to ‘how r u’ to create speed in the conversation, it is also part of the short style conversation which is mainly used in IM. There is also a use of two part exchange when Kat replies ‘yoo not too bad taa’ showing they follow the online conversation rule which is common in spoken conversation. Phatic talk like ‘hey how r u’ is normally used at the start of a conversation. Usually we feel the need to respond by saying something like ‘I’m alright but…..’ this is natural but really we ask this out of politeness with no intent to start a conversation, this is more common in face to face conversation.
Turn taking is a process were online and spoken conversations need to be ordered, there are rules were only one person talks at a time and there is no silence in the conversation. While you are listening you also have to make sure your eyes are up for most of the time, this is so the when the speaker is finishing talking there will be a sign to indicate the listener can come in. ...

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