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Ghost ship - a narrative Free essay! Download now

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Ghost ship - a narrative

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Ghost ship - a narrative


We crept along in silence, I couldn’t even hear Robert’s breathing behind me. It was almost like when we crept around school pranking people apart from the fact that we were on a big old rusty naval ship and for all we knew, alone on it as well. I wondered what was going through Rachel’s mind, who was in front of me, maybe she was thinking what I was thinking except about Mark who was in front of her.
“Are we nearly where we got to last time” Whispered Robert. I wasn’t sure but I thought I heard a bit of fear in his voice.
“No” Mark whispered back “Remember that’s the computer we saw last time, let’s try and switch it on”. So I slipped past everyone else miming a gun with my hands and quietly humming the James Bond tune then I started to hunt for the on switch on the ancient looking computer.
“There’s no on button” I said quietly with a worried look on my face.
“What! Let’s see-” But as if it could hear us the computer suddenly buzzed and whirred as the screen burst into life. Ding ding dang ding, we stared at each other with worried looks on our faces until the silence was broken by a shrill foghorn that seemed to come from everywhere.
“Run” shouted Rob.
“I am running you dimwit” I shouted in return. Then suddenly the ship gave a violent lurch and I was nearly thrown of my feet as its engines grumbled into life like a sleepy dog woken up from a dream of eating bones and chasing cats. 100 metres left, c’mon, I could see the gap which had the pier beside it closing up. 50 metres, 40 metres, 30 metres now I could hear the clangs as the airlocks behind us locked. 20 metres now the main doors ahead of us were coming down. 10 metres, 5 metres, the doors were half down. Then we all went down and rolled under the doors and out into the fresh air.
“C’mon Rachel the fun don’t stop yet” I shouted, then she looked around and got up quicker than I’ve ever seen her move. Then I heard Mark shouting me;
“Hurry up you two or your gonna end up swimming” he shouted. And at that I turned round and realised the others were already on the pier. So me and Rachel ran the last 10 metres to the edge of the deck and leaped across the widening gap.
Twenty minutes later we were still talking about what had happened;
“Hey I’ve got some earmuffs I could bring so the computer isn’t as loud” said Rachel hopefully, her eyes lighting up with that strange twinkle they got whenever she had an idea.
“Nice idea, that would-” said Mark happily, but he was cut off by Paul.
“We could bring Rob’s skateboard and roll it out… of course that’s if you’ve still got it Rob, have you, I haven’t seen you ride that thing since you were11… I think.” I blurted out at full speed.
“Yes, I still have my skateboard; it’s in my garage somewhere… I think, anyway what’s that, is it the eighth time we’ve done that or something.” I said very matter-of-factly.
“Ninth” corrected Rachel.
“I thought it was the tenth” Paul said curiously. I took a quick glance at my watch.
“Yikes! You lot, it’s ten to six my mum said tea was going to be ready at half five” I cried out. “I’m gonna have to guys, bye I’ll see you tomorrow bye”.
“Bye” they all shouted just before I turned my back and started to run along the little path we had made when we had first came here. Oh no ten minutes to get home, my mum is going to kill me I thought. I liked doing stuff with the others but sometimes we get into loads of trouble and I don’t like trouble, I mean I like seeing pranks pulled on other people but I don’t like getting caught and I never let people see that, especially my friends.
“Waah” I shouted as I tripped over a stone and came flying back to reality.

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