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English introductions Free essay! Download now

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English introductions

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 556 | Submitted: 09-Nov-2011
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English introductions essay previewEnglish introductions essay previewEnglish introductions essay preview


English introductions


"Speaking section 1"

1. First name, surname, age, marital state, field of study, degree,
Occupation, greeting& farewell, telling the time &date.
1. Extended or nuclear?
2.Family 2. Relatives (family members)
3. Siblings (The number of brothers & sisters)
4. Family values
5. Chores
6. Family resemblance
7. Clan & generation

Personality & appearance
Introduction 2.Home & workplace
3. Weather& environment
3.Description 4. Daily routines (simple present)
5. Clothes & wearing (progressive form)
6. Childhoodmemories(past simple vs.
Past progressive)
7. Goals & perspectives (future & conditional 1)
*Past routines (concerning used to)
8.Dreams and imagination( future in past,
Conditional type 2)

"Questions of section 1"

What is your given name/ fore name / surname / full name ?
What do you do?/ what is your occupation?
What is your marital state?/ Single or married?
How old are you?
What is your field of study/major? B: WHAT IS YOUR DEGREE? AA/ BA/ MA/Ph.D.
How many ...

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