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Discovering the infinite universe Free essay! Download now

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Discovering the infinite universe

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Discovering the infinite universe essay previewDiscovering the infinite universe essay preview


Discovering the Infinite Universe


Discovering the Infinite Universe
Nowadays, in the 21st century, our modern, civilized, war free society instead of facing the anticipated economic and social welfare, it encounters severe problems resulting from a variety of devastating phenomena, such as scarcity, overpopulation and dreadful diseases.
In particular, people argue that mankind has to open the doors to more extensive space exploration, while some others maintain that reallocation of resources on earth will be more effective solution against the plethora of threats which plague modern society today.
But, why should we explore space? Why should we spend money time and effort researching the great universe with no immediate benefit? Should we spend resources on space rather than here on earth? Well, an increasing number of people, mostly scientists, believe that space exploration could result to future colonies on the moon and on planet Mars, solving the overcrowding and food shortage problems.
In addition to that, a less extreme solution would be a discovery of new energy sources in our solar system, which will lead to a rapid economic growth and increase to the quality of life, in the same way it happened after the discovery of crude oil. This could also help diminish humanity’s over dependency on the non-renewable fossil fuels. Last but not least new technologies that are constantly coming up, make space exploration more challenging and prosperous. Also being away from any political rivals, the great powers that currently dominate the globe (EU, USA, and China) are able to co-operate in favor of mankind’s preservation.
On the other hand, some others are strongly against space exploration and they emphasize the following arguments; firstly they accuse governments of spending a very high percentage of the national income on space exploration that they should spend, helping people from third world and underdeveloped countries who are striving for some food.
They also consider space exploration to be totally pointless as the universe is too endless and chaotic and so in order to discover something rewardable it might take hundreds of years. Thirdly they are also worried about the great dangers that astronauts are exposed to.
To sum up, in my opinion, the answer to this dilemma lies in our history. Past civilisations have spent millions on exploring the “New World” and nearly all successful civilisations have been willing and eager to explore. It is actually in the nature of humans to ask questions about their existence and to desire a better ...

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