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Creative writing: Hopelessness Free essay! Download now

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Creative writing: Hopelessness

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Creative writing: Hopelessness


When John was younger he was in foster care he was a bit of a problem child so he went from foster home to foster home until he finally ended up on the streets, he would beg and when he didn’t get anything he would steel in order to survive and because he stole people would constantly see him and beat him calling him thief , and saying he stole from them even when he didn’t.

Because of how john looked people would scorn him when they saw him and because he lived on the streets most of his life and he never went to school he didn’t know how to speak proper English so when he would beg the people on the streets he would say things like “beg yuh somtin nuh, mi nuh have nuhtin to eat” and some of the passerby’s would look as if they don’t understand But some would reply saying “ gway mi nuh hav no money fi give nuh begger, gwaan go look work”.

some were kind hearted and would give John money but it was a rare occurrence and so John would go to sleep many nights without eating. John was not a lazy person he would try to do small jobs whenever wherever possible but it was hard for him to get the work because of his situation of being a street child and when he did get work they would take advantage of him, they would work him all day and then pay him less than half of what they would pay a normal worker, and because John was in no position to complain he would take whatever he got.
People would go as far as to throw water on John when passing in their vehicles saying “ yuh stink yuh waa baid” they call him “dutty bwoy” other children that were going to school would throw stones and bottles at john and laughed when they hit him adults would see this and some laughed themselves while others would just shake there heads and move on their way, not doing anything about it.

One day there was a young woman driving by and saw john by the street side begging and stopped to find out why this boy was begging and where were his parents, the young woman who’s name was shanique came out of the car and said to john “young man were are you’re parents? Were do you live? didn’t you’re mother teach you not to beg” John replied with a sad tone of voice and a sad look on his face “mi nuh have no parents an mi no live nuh weh”.

Shanique felt sorry for john and took pity on him and asked him if he wanted to come home with her, John was so hungry and tired of begging He immediately jumped at the chance without a second guess and accepted the woman’s offer. Shanique came from a very wealthy home and she lived with her mother (Ms.Uvalyne) who wasn’t as kind as her daughter shanique.

When Shanique reached home she realized that she didn’t even know the boys name so she asked him and he said “ mi name John” she said “oh so that’s ure name my name is Shanique”
they came out of the car and head towards the house, John stood looking at the house for he had never seen a house so big before,
Shanique stopped and said “come John I want you to meet my mother”.

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