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Compare and contrast the excerpts from “Dead Again” and “Godzilla” Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English language > Compare and contrast the excerpts from “Dead Again” and “Godzilla”

Compare and contrast the excerpts from “Dead Again” and “Godzilla”

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Compare and contrast the excerpts from “Dead Again” and “Godzilla”


In this essay I am going to compare two excerpts taken from the big screen. These are the motion picture ‘Godzilla’ and the sophisticated thriller, ‘Dead Again’. Dead Again is based around murderer who uses scissors as his weapon to commit homicide against his unfortunate victim. It’s target audience is an adult one as the story is complex and focuses not just on one event throughout the film. Also much of it is based within a prison and is unsuitable for younger viewing. In ‘Dead Again’, the scene of the film we are shown is a dream, set in low-key lighting however the rest of the scene is in high-key lighting. When studying this scene, we realise the reason for this dream to be in low-key lighting is for dramatic effect making the clip more intense.

Alternatively, Godzilla is a modern science fiction story, where computer graphics and modern technology are engineered to create a realistic atmosphere but with surreal events taking place. This film has a suggested audience of 8-12 year olds as, although the film contains section of destruction, it is based upon a killer monster and contains some light-hearted, childish humour.

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