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Biased Reporting Free essay! Download now

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Biased Reporting

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Biased Reporting essay previewBiased Reporting essay previewBiased Reporting essay preview


Media Reports and their effects on society


Biased Reporting

When has the news gone too far? How does someone deal with the media reporting only half of the story or giving biased reports? We live in a world that is ruled by information. Society feeds off of other people’s misfortunes. With that said, that fact makes for a profit in the media world. At what cost is it worth, to twist the facts just to make the story more appealing to the public in the name of money or maybe even fame. Although there is a place for media in society I think we should all sit back and really think twice about what we are willing to believe or not. After all, you could be in the headlines the next time someone opens a newspaper and only then you might have to contemplate what is being reported. So I ask, is there biased reporting out there?

How many of us have opened up a newspaper, read a story and took it as fact and never had another thought as to the legitimacy of the story being reported. We read a headline that catches our eye. Our mind wonders across the page in an attempt to peel the story off the page. I can honestly say I never look past what was being reported, or read a story in the news and thought, “I wonder what really happened. “

I had an epiphany recently everything hit me all at once. I had a major legal issue happen to my step son. The news flew within hours of the police reports, and shortly thereafter, the media started rummaging for information. Within days, my family was devastated to find out he had been arrested on false accusations stemming from the reports. It was then that the realization came to me. My step son has since been crucified in the media and has no chance at redeeming his life outside of jail, because the media has taken that from him. The media withheld facts from their reports and failed to get our side of the story. They twisted the facts and withheld information that could have cleared some of that up.

It is easy to open up the newspaper and see a story about a major topic. It may be criminal related or not, just simply news. Reporters report information that is given to them and they can choose to hold some of this information or report all the information. To me they chose to report only what may catch the eyes of the people buying their paper. In an excerpt called, “The Audience is always fiction” by Walter J. Ong, I found an interesting statement that said, “If ...

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