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Asylum seekers entering Australian Free essay! Download now

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Asylum seekers entering Australian

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Asylum seekers entering Australian essay previewAsylum seekers entering Australian essay preview


English Essay


Asylum seekers entering Australian territory have either a positive or negative impact on the nation is compared throughout the articles ‘desperate measures’,’ Your Say’ and ‘No way back now’. The article ‘Desperate measures’ is a letter to the editor, which was published in The Age on April 14th which contains positive influences through the piece. Andrew Hewett the executive director of Oxfam Australia contends that Asylum seekers trying to reach Australia are desperate to escape persecution and violence in their home countries. Hewett presents not only serious and concerned attitudes towards the reader but confident and encouraging qualities throughout the article. However in ‘Your Say’ Mary Coburn from Ringwood contends that the Government needs to enforce more restrictions with these “Boat People” fleeing to Australia. In this letter to the editor published in the Herald Sun on the same date as ‘Desperate Measures’ April 14th , Coburn expresses disappointing and angry tendencies throughout the article, which is likely to persuade the readers to have a negative impact on these refugees seeking help. Though in ‘No way back now’ Paris Aristotle the director of the Victorian Foundation for survivors of Torture and a member of the immigration Detention Advisory Group, intends to position the readers in a positive and sympathetic way as he writes this feature article published in The Age on April 18th . Aristotle contends with disappointing, sad and concerned attitudes through the article that “as a nation, we cannot contemplate the return to policies that have inflicted so much harm on people who came seeking our protection”. The Reader is presented with various arguments that help build each authors point of view.
Hewett begins arguing that Australia should accept these desperate Asylum seekers as they have encountered violence in their own country. Whilst he firmly expresses this in a serious way he managers to reflect on the topic issue with inclusive language “we need to consider what is the right and decent thing for Australians to do when persecuted people arrive”. He continues on using this persuasive technique that “we also need to tackle the problem of conflict and poverty at its source” which may position the readers to agree with him. Hewett’s intended audience are the Australian Nation and the Government , which he suggests a solution “ Australia can show leadership by providing aid and diplomatic intervention in regional conflicts so these people don’t have to make the decision to flee their homes”. By attempting to include the audience with a solution, Hewett intends to make the reader feel obligated to do something about it, especially by targeting them to realise what if they were in that position.
Coburn initiates arguing that it’s time to take ...

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