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Argumentative / Persuasive writing

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Argumentative / Persuasive writing on what influences 4 year olds' food choice. (media, t.v. parents, promoting wiht free toys etc. childs healthy eating)


A four year old attending primary school will be making new friends and maybe meeting people their own age for the first time. This will mean they are keen to impress the other children and join in with what each other are doing. At break-time when they are bringing in their own snacks, they may have seen a peer with a certain packet of crisps or chocolate bar and request the same form their own parents. This is the direct affect of peer pressure; children considerably adhere to what their own friends are buying, wearing and eating.

Parents also have a large influence over what their child is eating. This can come from the parents’ work routine, income, food available and their own preferences. As there are a lot of working mothers now, they have less time to prepare a healthy, substantial meal. This may mean children eat less efficiently or may tend to snack on sugary foods more if their parent isn’t there to keep them in check.
A family with a low income will need to budget their money, therefore this may result in insufficient food to cater for the whole family, or a lack of balance and nutrition within the meals they eat.

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