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Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss. Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > English language > Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss.

Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss.

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Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss. essay preview


Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss.


Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? Discuss.

Are tutorials a waste of time and resources? My answer is simple and straightforward: NO! It is not a waste!
Tutorial, by definition, is a period of tuition given by a university or college lecturer to an individual or a small group of students (normally2-8 students), with the aim to enhance studentsí subject knowledge. It was introduced by many universities: Oxford University and Cambridge University in particular. It is also widely introduced in schools for younger children. For example, many secondary schools have tutor groups, although they have slightly meanings to the one discussed in this article. Tutorials can also be given by a private tutor to a student of any age on a certain subject or area of knowledge at any time or place. Students who will take a GCSE or A level exams may hire private tutors to help with their preparation. Private tuition of language is also very common for adults.
No matter where, when or to who the tuition was given, the basic purpose is to increase knowledge, to help understand course material, and help with exams. In universities, lectures are normally given to students in large groups (20 to 100 students). The chances of students to ask questions are very rare, if not none. How could teachers know that the students have understood? What about some students are far behind the rest of the class or far beyond? By divided into small groups, students will have a better chance to discuss problems, as wells tutors will have a chance to know studentsí levels. For secondary students, private tuition is the most efficient method to help weak student to keep up with the class.
Apart from knowledge enhancement, tutorial system works very well for studentsí university life. As the tutor will normally look after a group of students during their staying in the university, they will know this student better than anyone else. Parents will feel they will have someone to counsel to if things went wrong. Also, when the student looks for further education or starts career, the tutor will act as a reliable referee as he/she will be able to provide a comprehensive image of this studentís subject knowledge, social skills, and even personalities.
For a long time, I was wondering the reason why Oxford and Cambridge universities education were so successful. Of course you could argue that these two universities can hire the best professors and attract the most talented students in the world. It is the college system and tutorials in the college that give most students a better chance to become more successful!

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