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analysing short stories

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analysing short stories essay previewanalysing short stories essay previewanalysing short stories essay preview


a comparative analysis of two stories



I want to talk about three short stories that I have read in terms of the story telling techniques as well as themes and issues they deal with, in particular relationship between men and women and how problems are been resolved. The stories I have chosen are as follows. The Empty Amulet, which Paul Bowles wrote in 1999. The story was set in morocco. The second story is Netty sergeant written by Thomas hardy. The story was published in the nineteenth century and the setting of the story gives a colourful picture of the middle nineteenth century. The third story is The Watcher also written around the 1960 by Joan California Cooper and it was set in the 1950’s.

In the Empty Amulet, the story was written in the third person and this was seen as follows. ”which he rolled up into a ball”. The main characters in the story were Habiba and Moumen. The narrator introduced Habiba in the first paragraph when it was written that Habiba learned embroidery and knitting. Moumen was also introduced in the second paragraph and this was shown in the first sentence, “when Moumen, a young man of neighbourhood”. The story was written in plain English and from the story, we can see that the story was set in morocco and this is shown in the story when Habiba hid the packet of earth because “Moumen disapproves of Moroccan medicine. In addition, the use of certain words in the passage suggested where the story setting was. The words include Baraka, Quahouaji, and Hamdoullah etc.

The main plot of the story was captured in the sixth paragraph when” Habiba hid the packet of earth, knowing that Moumen disapproved of Moroccan medicine”. The next sentence confirmed this by the use of the word “vehemently”. Initially, the first sentence in the third paragraph tells us “Moumen was a young man with modern ideas”. The narrator is showing us the contrast between Habiba and Moumen. This is shown in the first paragraph that Habiba‘s father did not allow her to go to school. This means that Habiba may lack modern ideas. In addition, Habiba was also frightened of the hospital because of the “nauseating medicinal odour, the bins of bloody bandages, the shinning syringes”. The suspense in the story was built when Moumen found “Habiba stirring some earth into a glass of water” and told her “it is what they did hundred years ago”. In addition, Habiba retorted “and two hundred and five hundred”. The scene here shows the beginning of a conflict between the couples. The next conflict that occurred was when Habiba was pregnant and Moumen wanted to stop her from going to her ...

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