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An unforgettable night (fiction story) Free essay! Download now

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An unforgettable night (fiction story)

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An unforgettable night (fiction story)


At the age of five, Jenna was orphaned. Her parents had been the victims of a brutal car crash while returning home one day from a wedding party. Jenna was then put into care and later adopted. The first year without her parents proved to be extremely difficult. She was a beloved girl who was not only beautiful, but polite and clever. Her adopting parents, Alex and Laura, were luckily very pleasant and treated Jenna with the greatest care. Alex was a local tradesman, while Laura worked as a hospital nurse. Due to unfortunate health problems with Laura, the couple were deprived of ever conceiving children. This had instilled within them the idea of adoption. Jenna’s beauty and exceptional manner attracted them greatly. They loved her as if she was their own, and she loved them back too.
Clinging tightly on to her bus pas, Jenna kept checking her watch. It had reached midnight and she was getting worried that she had not informed Laura of her presence because her mobile battery had gone dead. The eerie streets soon began to frighten her. Suddenly, she felt a tap on her shoulder. To her surprise, a tall hooded figure asked her for the time. Before she had time to respond to his question, he had come closer, and within seconds had grabbed her tightly. Frightened by the shock of the whole situation, Jenna let out a silent scream as she was struggling to force herself free from this vicious stranger, who was carrying her towards a white van. At this point, endless thoughts were racing through her head. She wondered what her parents would think at the idea of what was happening. She recalled her day. If only her friend Nora had not convinced her to go out then she wouldn’t be in this situation. Jenna was never up for clubbing. She didn’t even enjoy her outing. The club was packed with people. It was hot and sticky, and the smell of alcohol reeked from everyone’s breath. People were dancing and drinking like a bunch of maniacs.

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