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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 1143 | Submitted: 05-Apr-2011
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The Northern Line train screeched to a fierce unscheduled halt. The train driver was vigorously shaking, not in control of the legs that he stood on so comfortably before. Holding his head in his hands he sat pondering, trying to convince himself that he was not to blame, he took a deep breath and held the wireless phone to his ear, clutching for air, gasping for courage he restrained his trembling voice box and his professionalism had taken over. “Control control, this is the Northern Line service to Newcastle, please send someone urgently......”
Three hours earlier.......
The lighter flicked, struggling to ignite due to being starved of gas. Paul returned it back into his torn satchel before pulling out a number of other lighters, he found one that worked, it brought a faint smile to his face. The flame lit up the small disused train shack, the mound of rubbish became apparent, empty crisp packets, grimy plastic bottles and decaying food that had been half eaten by rodents. The train shack was used to hold electrical components for the repair of the railway track but due to the government cuts in the railway network this post was closed down and had been for twelve years. The damp had rotted through the wooden exterior and the smell of the worn out shed lingered like a heavy cloud, refusing to move. Only Paul visited this place, he could be alone; he had failed in his battle with his addiction. His addiction had fiercely ruled his mind and body for a
decade and his body was fatigued and tiresome and waiting anxiously to shut down. His family had disowned him due to his dishonesty, his need to steal, he had been repelled by friends and all who had known him. He was an embarrassment to their good, Christian family name. But this did not deter him from shooting up another time. He rolled up his sleeve and bit down on the brown leather belt which was tied tightly around his vanished bicep. His veins were bulging with anticipation, dancing with joy and they stood tall like a crowd of people waving their hands above their heads, hoping to be picked to be awarded a gift.. The brown substance burning on the small teaspoon dispersed the scent of the damp and the odour of a large deceased fish which ...

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