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A Mission To Kill Free essay! Download now

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A Mission To Kill

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 850 | Submitted: 09-May-2006
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Story Writing - A mission to kill


The clashes got louder and louder in my ears, when suddenly, the deadly enemy slashed my master in half at his stomach. The lethal enemy stopped for a moment to loosen up and waited for the laser to be switched off. I saw every drop of blood flood out of my dead master's body which enraged me, and the drips of blood on the light saber.
As soon as the laser switched off, I made no hesitation to charge towards the deadly enemy. His mask lit up each time our light sabers met. I attacked him from every angle but he would block it every time. I knew he was tired after the battle with my master and I knew I would be able to vanquish him and take revenge. He managed to use his physical strength and make me fall onto the floor and raced to the switch of the air door and pressed it. The air door opened as quick as lightning and the bright sunlight from the sun filled my eyes as I saw the deadly enemy shoot out into the sky with his spaceship. I yelled in anger as I watched the enemy fly off.

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