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A day in the life.... Free essay! Download now

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A day in the life....

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A day in the life.... essay previewA day in the life.... essay previewA day in the life.... essay preview


This essay looks at a day in the life of a Christian youthworker, explaining how an average day pans out. This was submitted as GCSE coursework in October 2010.


A day in the life of a Christian youth worker

My day starts at 8am with the shrill ring of my alarm clock waking me from dreamland. I drag myself out of bed, because although I love my job, I dont love getting up the morning.

My first task of the day is to get myself some breakfast. I would love to say that its a full English, but unfortunately its normally cornflakes and a cuppa. Once breakfast is out of the way, I have just about enough time to pull on some clothes, and then I rush out the door to catch my bus.

I arrive at Upper Stratton Baptist Church at 9:15, where I meet Tim and Chris, My fellow youth workers. We start with some morning prayer; this usually lasts about thirty minutes. We pray for a variety of world issues, and also pray that we may be able to reach out to the young people of Swindon.

After praying were off to Kingsdown School to help with a religious education lesson. We arrive at Kingsdown at 10am, and are warmly greeted by Mr Lowe, the deputy head. He shows us to the classroom well be helping in, but being an ex pupil at the school, I probably could have found it myself.

The lesson goes really well, with the young people asking a variety of questions about Christianity, about why we are Christians. One pupil even asked if he could come along to the church next Sunday to check it out for himself. Once people see that most Christians are normal people, not the dog collar wearing, holier than thou image that is given in the national press, then people are more willing to listen.

After the lesson at Kingsdown, we head to Gorse Hill. We are off to the office of Swindon youth For Christ. Once in the office, Chris, who is the youth leader has some paper work to catch up on. This leaves me with some spare time, so I walk up the road to meet my sister, as she also works in Gorse Hill.

Marie and I head to the Sunflower cafe, to grab a bite to eat, and to catch up on what weve been doing over the weekend. I find out that she spent the weekend in Cheltenham with our aunty and uncle. I fill her in on the party I went to Saturday night. Telling her in great detail all the shocking moves I saw people attempting on the dance floor.
This causes some raucous laughter, and people in the cafe stare at us as though we are absolutely crazy.

I get a text from Chris telling me that he has finished ...

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