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Technology coursework focus task - focus on hair dryer Free essay! Download now

Home > GCSE > Design and technology > Technology coursework focus task - focus on hair dryer

Technology coursework focus task - focus on hair dryer

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Product evaluation - A* graded focus task on a hair dryer. Extensive use of useful graphics.


As mentioned before, the weight of the hair dryer on the user’s arm can cause discomfort if used for a length of time. The biggest problem though is using the hair dryer in my room. The nearest socket is not even 2 metres away from my mirror yet I’m limited to how close I can go to it when using the hair dryer.
The hair dryer is very efficient at its job – drying wet hair. From towel dried, it will completely dry my hair in approximately 20 minutes which is extremely good as I have long thick hair that has to be dried in sections. The variations in heat and speed gives me the option of taking time if I desire, and the cool shot button gives my hair a sleek finish.
The hair dryer itself is not very comfortable to hold as it is quite heavy and the buttons are positioned on the handle. It is made of durable material so it will not break or crack easily. The length of cord is inconvenient for the user and the colours are not very eye-catching for a new buyer.

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