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Nuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss Free essay! Download now

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Nuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss

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Nuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss  essay previewNuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss  essay preview


Nuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss


Nuclear power does more harm than good. Discuss

As a newly discovered energy source, nuclear power is gradually being accepted and used, and whether it does more harm than good is being fiercely debated. In discussing this hot issue, it is necessary to examine a number of advantages and disadvantages of nuclear power. Some people consider that nuclear power has merits in terms of less air pollution and convenience when compared with conventional fossil fuels. However, at the same time, some opposite perspectives criticize the radioactive waste produced by nuclear power stations and lack of safety.

The first reason why nuclear power does not do more harm than good is in the case of pollution. Unlike most fossil fuels producing a large amount of greenhouse gases, like carbon dioxide, which worsens global warming and some other harmful gases which can cause widespread pollution, nuclear power does not cause air pollution in its operation. Sulfur dioxide produced by the burning of coals may cause harmful acid rain and nitrogen dioxide from vehicle exhaust may cause respiratory disease. Therefore the consequences of conventional fossil fuels do more harm to humans and the environment in the long run.

As for convenience, nuclear power is relatively easy to transport and store. Other energy sources like coal, are too heavy to carry from coal mines to heat power plants. During the process of transportation, the coal ash makes people cough and makes the sky gloomy. Oil should be stored separately and carefully because it is easy to burn, while the storage of nuclear power does not have so many requirements. Worthy of mention, is the fact that the use ratio of nuclear power is higher than common fossil fuels, so that using nuclear power is more sufficient. Thus, nuclear power has advantages in terms of convenience.

Nevertheless, some common arguments against the use of nuclear power do exist. One of the main arguments against nuclear power relates to the disposal of nuclear waste. Nuclear power stations can produce radioactive waste which should be dealt with cautiously. Once the disposal of nuclear waste is not dealt with properly, living beings, including human beings, will be harmed. The nuclear power stations may also give out waste heat which can lead to thermal pollution. Accordingly, nuclear power may cause another kind of pollution which harms neighboring surroundings.

Safety is also a main factor for objecting to the use of nuclear power. Nuclear power stations occasionally have accidents, like a leakage of radioactive substances. A release of harmful radiation may destroy the ecological environment by killing animals and vegetation. A prominent example of accidents is bound to be the huge disaster which happened in Chernobyl. Consequently, it seems this energy is not a ...

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