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HACCP essay previewHACCP essay preview


The system is used at all stages of food production and preparation processes including packaging, distribution,etc.


HACCP is an essential system used in identification of hazards ,
assessing chances of occurrence of hazards at each stage of rawmaterial
purchase , manufacturing , processing , distribution , usage of food
products and in preventing the hazards . HACCP system involves excessive
microbial testing which is the only measure to consider safety of food
from toxic effects or contamination .
HACCP has enabled food manufacturers , producers , processors ,
distributors , exporters etc , to take the advantage of technical
resources efficiently in a cost effective manner in to assure
safety of food . Safe and harmless food to consumer certainly results in
better quality , price and profits .
According to Dagmar Engel , commitment to the job is lacking in HACCP
system and there are several other problems with HACCP system which
expect excessive commitment from companies in to meet the
compliances of HACCP . Commitment requires motivation which in turn
requires training . There is lack of hygiene management , motivation and
feedback from employees in HACCP system which is of a major concern .
Employees are required to understand HACCP system , its demands ,
priorities , rules and regulations in to practice in quality
management .
Review of Literature Relevant
The emerge of HACCP is very strong from Codex Alimentarious Commission
which was formed with the motive to protect food standards , guidelines
and codes of practice by the Joint FAO /WHO Food Standards Programme for
United Nations . Globally HACCP has been recognized as a critical
control point for food safety systems . However it is important to note
here that the inception of HACCP was made in 1960s for the benefit of
astronauts to eat safe food in space and a fact was established that the
only way to ensure 100 per cent safe food is to test the food whether it
is free from contamination with 100 safety measures .
Implementation of HACCP requires appropriate and accurate documentation
and submission of documents for obtaining HACCP and ISO 9000 /9001
certificate as license and certification to trade at international
level . Some of the important steps are (1 )Appointment HACCP Team (2 )
of product (3 ) Identify the purpose and use of product (4 ) A
flow diagram which is designed from the stage of manufacture and an
of sequence to the end-consumer (5 ) List of potential hazards ,
analysis and control of hazards (6 ) determination of critical control
points (7 ) set up of critical limits for CCP (8 ) establish a system for
monitoring of CCP (9 ) establish corrective measures (10 ) verification
procedures (11 ) documentation and record keeping . The cost for
implementation of HACCP system varies from product and ...

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