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GCSE Graphic Products Project Outline Booklet Free essay! Download now

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GCSE Graphic Products Project Outline Booklet

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This booklet has been designed to help you with the Major Coursework element of the GCSE Graphic Products course. This coursework accounts for 60% of the final mark, and therefore it is essential that you produce a high quality piece of work.
The portfolio that you produce is worth 1/3 of your coursework mark, the practical work accounts for the other 2/3 of the marks. The remaining 40% of the marks are available in the final examination.


Monitoring your progress
It is very important that you monitor your progress using the Project Outline Booklet. Your teacher will provide regular feedback on your work in your booklet and verbally. You will be given deadlines for the completion of each stage of your work and you must comply with these. If your work is not handed in on time then you will not be entered for the final exam and will consequently fail the course.
Objective Deadline Dates Date
Task Analysis
Research and Specification
Generation of Ideas
Development of Solution
Planning of Making
Evaluation, Testing and Modification
You will need the following equipment to successfully complete the major coursework task:
• Pencil
• Coloured pencils
• Pencil sharpener
• Ruler
• Coloured drawing marker, grey drawing marker
• Fine black drawing pen
If you feel that you need more help or time in completing your project then ask your teacher straight away! It is important that you achieve as well as you possibly can and we will do all that we can to assist you.

Coursework Tasks
1 As a creative person, you have been approached to write, illustrate and produce a new book. These are the publisher’s requirements:

 A simple pop-up book suitable for young children;
 Suitable for use by parents when teaching their children to read;
 To be short but interesting;
 To contain a minimum of two mechanisms.

2 A games manufacturer require a board game to meet the following points:

 Must be self contained;
 Suitable for use when travelling;

3 Design and make an educational activity pack that could be used in school or at home.

Task Description P Feedback
Task outline • Write out the Coursework Task in the top left-hand corner of the page provided.

Bubble Diagram Draw a bubble diagram in the centre of the page with Task Analysis in the centre. The following areas must be explored on your bubble diagram:
• Target market – age range and profiles of people in this group.
• Similar Products – What existing products are available?
• Materials – what materials could be used?
• Processes – what process might be involved?
• Function – what will your product do?
• Environment – Where will the product be used?
• Themes
• Safety – how will the product be made safe to use?
• Ergonomics – how will the product be designed to suit its user?
• Anthroprometrics – Will you need to consider the size of the human form in designing your product?
• Aesthetics – how will your product look/feel/be styled?
• Finish – how could your product be finished?

Task Description P Feedback
Developing the Design Brief Using the information in your analysis explain your decisions about the follow areas:
• Potential users – WHO will use the product?
• Benefits to the user – WHY it will be used?
• Situation – WHERE and WHEN it will be used?
• Design brief – A unifying statement of WHAT you will design and make
Time Plan Managing your time is really important. 40 hours is not very long, make every minute count.
Use a Gantt chart to plan your time effectively. Only one third of your time should be designing, the rest of the time should be spent working with materials. Make sure your teacher checks your time plan.

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