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Social network

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Social network essay previewSocial network essay preview


Facebook social networking


Social Network (Print)
Social Network is a platform of relational network which is able to grant people to connect to the others who have similar interests as small communities. Social Networking has become very popular during the past few years especially the site called ‘Facebook’(Peluchette 2010, p.30; Lory 2010, p.37; Smith 2010, p.491). The reason for the popularity of this site is that there is a structure which allows people to express their individuality(Lory 2010, p.37). This structure can be included to sharing comments and information, uploading photos and establishment of their own group. It attracts every people in the world and it comes to be the addictive thing. Among the college students, it has become an important part of their life routines.
However, Everything has advantages and disadvantages. Although Facebook is one of the most powerful media to sharing and socialize, it also has the impacts negative ways. According to Smith(2010, p.493), Facebook provides freedom to users to post and present every kind of information they want on their pages. It is a portal which demonstrates user’s identity. However, many users do the inappropriate posting on the page. Miller(2011,p.119) found that students usually post their photographs with alcohol, drug use and sexual activity. Moreover, most of students know that they are posting the unsuitable sentences (ibid.:119). But they were less realized that Facebook is the public area where everyone can see the user’s information and details. This can be resulted in reducing of student’s professional image.
Although other online social network such as; Google and MySpace, have currently become more, Facebook is still the number one popular social network site. As increasing of Facebook’s popularity, the potential for employers to review their candidates in various prospects grows. One of them is to assess their candidates’s profile during recruitment. The company will use Facebook to find the reasons why they need to give a job to candidate after they established the minimum of candidates’s qualifications. There are several ways that employers can access eventhough the has been set to ‘Private’. HR managers can request to be ‘‘friended’’ by the job applicant. Using the ‘‘friends’’ feature allows employers to find shared connections for a particular candidate. These connections can be used to initiate reference and background checks (Berkshire,2005). These methods can provides a more broadly overview of candidates than the traditional screening by resume or references.
At the same time, there are several arguments that it is not neutral in career professional. “In interviews with career professionals, about half felt it was inappropriate and sometimes unethical for employers to use Facebook to screen applicants. Several mentioned that it is a violation of fairness because professional and ...

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