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I-way is a high-capacity, interactive electronic pipeline used to transfer content in case of e-commerce. I-way can transfer any type of context like, text, graphics, audio, video. In other words, multimedia contents are easily transported through I-way.

Components of I-way:
- Consumer access equipment.
- Local on-ramps, and
- Global information distribution networks.

Consumer access equipment are devices used by consumers to access the multimedia interactive contents of e-commerce. In this segment, hardware and software vendors are also included.
Local or access road, or on-ramps: This segment of I-way simplify linkages between businesses, universities, and homes to the communications backbone. There are four different types of provider of access ramps: - telecom-based - cable TV-based - wireless-based and - computer-based online information services. These providers link users and e-commerce application providers.
Global information distribution networks are the infrastructure that are connecting countries and continents.
There are seven major issues to be discussed about I-way:

Cost, subsidies, allocation of scarce resources, regulation, universal access, privacy and social issues.

Cost: Who will pay for constructing the I-way?

Subsidies: Who are to be given subsidies?

Allocation of scarce resources: Investment of the allocation of different scarce resources would be wasted or not?

Regulation: Who will fund for the highway and who will write and enforce the rules to use the highway?

Universal access: who can access and at what cost?

Privacy: Is using online activities secure?

Social and religious barriers: In cyberspace, everybody has right to write anything or publish.

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