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GCSE computing HTML coursework Free essay! Download now

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GCSE computing HTML coursework

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GCSE computing HTML coursework essay previewGCSE computing HTML coursework essay previewGCSE computing HTML coursework essay preview


HTML coursework



Ms Nayab Zaheer is selling a 6 Bedroom house in Dubai. The house was built in the 1980s.There are three toilets in the house one is upstairs two are downstairs, the garden is gigantic and the sight is beautiful. The house is very attractive. It is probably the best house you can buy in Ilford. The Shopping mall is nearby it is about 10 minutes walking from the house. I have lived in this house for the past 5 years and trust me it is a lovely house to live in. However the mice live in the Garden so it is best not to open the Garden door.

WHY sell the house on the website?
I want to sell the house on the website because itís very easy.

I am going to include a picture of the house in Ilford. Which looks new and big?

User Requirements
The house in Dubaiís Website will require about 4 web pages.
Mrs Dave needs to sell the house in Dubai so she can get some money and buy a 5 bedroom house in UK.
Mrs Dave is looking for a house which has 5 bedrooms, 1kitchen, 2 toilets, 1 garden, 1garage and 1 balcony.


The most popular browsers people use are Opera, Chrome, Safari and Mozilla. I normally use Mozilla Firefox and internet explorer. I think Mozilla Firefox is the best browser because itís very useful and it also has fewer viruses, comparing to internet explorer. According to the survey Firefox is the most popular browser, 400 million people download it.
Website looks
The Website would have information about the house in Dubai, how many rooms it has and information about the local area. Background colours would be red and green because it represents Dubaiís flag. I would not be using frames. I would use a lot of pictures to represent the house in Dubai.

Dataflow Diagrams

The backup is secure and is looked after every week.

The backup is kept in the write up.Nayab is in charge of it weekly.

Test plan

Expected results
Browsers showing information about the house
Best viewed in Firefox
1280 x 1024
Latest Devices like workstations are going to be used
Cell phone
Look and feel is going to include colours of the background and so on.
Red and Purple

Questionnaire is going to be ...

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