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Evaluation Rates of Reaction Free essay! Download now

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Evaluation Rates of Reaction

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Evaluation Rates of Reaction essay previewEvaluation Rates of Reaction essay previewEvaluation Rates of Reaction essay preview





Having drawn my conclusions, I am now going to explain about the quality of my overall investigation. The subheadings below separate this section into segments which help cover the points I need to mention.

How accurate are my results?

The graph on the analysis section shows how my final averaged results were quite accurate. Rounded to 1 decimal place, they have perfectly shown and proved how the concentration is directly proportional to the reaction rate. Most of the points from the graph were taken from the beginning of the reaction, which also enhanced its accuracy. However, I encountered many anomalies, which mostly reflect upon the apparatus used for the experiments.

For example, if I repeated this investigation from scratch, I still believe that I will end up with the same conclusion, however my results will differ due to:-
Poor accuracy of measuring cylinders (to the nearest of a cm only),
The fact that the marble chips were slightly different in surface area each time
The fact that the weighing scales were to 1 decimal place only mass differed each time
Timing was not perfectly accurate it took time to put the bung on after the reaction had already started
Wearing stained safety goggles sometimes made it hard to make out readings.

Two of my results in my draft version of the graph did not fit in with the pattern the rest of the points were showing. For one of them, it was just a matter of choosing a different time (which could be degrading the accuracy and reliability of my results as the reaction rates differed by the time) whereas the second one was still slightly off in my line of best fit. I know that this was due to either one or more of the points above.

Ways of improving the accuracy of my results include:-
Having more accurate measuring cylinders, which would be much thinner in diameter so that readings are more accurate.
Using powder instead of chips would make sure that the surface area is the same each time less would be needed, and so would be much more resourceful also
Having more accurate weighing scales in order to get weight of chips closer together
By using a thistle funnel to stop the gas from escaping when inserting the marble chips.
Making sure that the safety goggles are comfortable and clean before wearing them, or if not, wash them before use.
By doing all the experiments at the same time, so that results are not interrupted.

The working shown in the table on the analysis section also explains an inaccuracy in my results. To find the rate of reaction, I divided the volume collected by the time. In all the instances, my reaction rate was taken from the volume collected ...

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