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Ammonia and the Haber process Free essay! Download now

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Ammonia and the Haber process

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Ammonia and the Haber process


The Haber process
The raw materials for this process are hydrogen and nitrogen. Hydrogen is obtained by reacting natural gas - methane - with steam, or through the cracking of oil. Nitrogen is obtained by burning hydrogen in air. Air is 80 per cent nitrogen; nearly all the rest is oxygen. When hydrogen is burned in air, the oxygen combines with the hydrogen, leaving nitrogen behind.
Nitrogen and hydrogen will react together under these conditions:
• a high temperature - about 450ºC
• a high pressure - about 200 atmospheres (200 times normal pressure)
• an iron catalyst
The reaction is reversible.
nitrogen + hydrogen ammonia
N2(g) + 3H2(g) 2NH3(g)
The (g) indicates that the substance is a gas.

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