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SWOT analysis Free essay! Download now

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SWOT analysis

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SWOT analysis essay previewSWOT analysis essay preview


SWOT analysis


TMA 01
a)I am basing this report on session 2, using SWOT analysis.
Below are the weaknesses (w) and threats (t) i have identified from the case study.

1)Decor/furniture/cooking equipment are old and need replacing/modernising. – A poor visual image/outdated objects will put off both staff and customers. Staff will work harder in a place they are proud to work in. Customers will feel happier to pay more for the same product if they are eating in a nice environment. (w)
2)Night Managers are not fully trained – Have problems in keeping control of the staff in them adhering to company protocol. (w)
3)Night Managers receive little more pay yet have more responsibilities. - Not being properly rewarded for a job will demotivate these staff. (w)
4) High staff turnover – increased training costs. (w)
5) High wastage levels – Resulting in loss of profits. (w)
6) Staff seen as cogs in a machine – Impersonalised staff won’t feel valued as individuals and therefore work less hard. (w)
7) Old staff setting bad example – Should be helping with good practise. (w)
1)Competition from other bigger chains in the same area – Loosing potential customers. (t)
2)The recession - meaning sales are falling as people are spending less and less money. (t)
3)Possibility of an all night supermarket opening in an adjacent street. – Loose customers to them for pre prepared foods, and staff might leave to work there instead. (t)

b) ‘ SWOT analysis stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. An analysis of these gives the business an overview of its position in relation to its external environment.’ (Capon 2004)
Knowing what our business does and doesn’t do well will help know where you need to work on and what to build on. Strengths can be identified and used to our advantage in a consumer environment. Weaknesses can be identified and rectified to a positive stance. Opportunities can be seized and used to build upon the business even used to expand in a very competitive environment. Threats can be identified and worked upon to ensure that they do not affect the businesses natural growth and development.
Below is my SWOT analysis:

1)Regional concentration of branches – Familiarity with the name.
2)Cheap affordable food – boost in current economic climate.
3)Late opening hours – Targets drinkers’ crowd.
See part a) numbers 1-7
To start providing a range of healthier foods – Wider client base.
Increased sales
See part a) numbers 1-3

c) Weakness 1, If money is invested on the decor etc of Zinn’s customers will feel happier to pay a higher price for food as the environment is pleasant and nice to be in. Staff will feel a higher sense of pride and purpose towards the business and want to work harder.
In doing this, weakness ...

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