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summary of human resource management article Free essay! Download now

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summary of human resource management article

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summary of human resource management article essay previewsummary of human resource management article essay previewsummary of human resource management article essay preview


Summary of an article


MGT611 Human Resource Management

Tingting Guo


Source of article:

I found this article in a website called ”HRM Guide”, which is a website about all aspects about Human Resource Management, and there are many good articles in the website. And also, I think this article is related to our course.
The name of this article is “Gender Stereotyping A Key Barrier,” which published in the December 2009 issue of the Psychology of Women Quarterly. This article talks about a common phenomenon in our work environment, which is a management stereotypes still affects women’s participation in high manage levels. According to the investigation data, there only less than 2 percent of CEO leadership positions in the Fortune 500 are taken by female, although there are many actions to be taken to improve women’s participation in these positions. From this data, we can figure out that there is still some barrier in women’s promotion way, and leaders are continued to be made sings by male, but female.
In today’s work environment, not only women themselves are judged by their gender, but also their team is judged by their gender if they are the leaders of the team. Susan F. Cabrera, Stephen J. Sauer and Melissa C. Thomas-Hunt, who are form the Universities of Cornell, Clarkson and Virginia respectively did a research called The Effects of Industry Gender Typing on Performance Expectations for Leaders and Their Teams found that people always have higher expectation of performance of a team whose leader is the right gender in this kind of industry. In other words, if the industry requires the leader to be male, people will think that male leader is better than female leader to fulfill this work. However, in fact, people should not judge the performance of a team based on the gender of the leader.
There are some other studies about gender stereotyping. Another study published in 2007 states that gender stereotyping is still a main block in women’s career. A non-profited organization did a research about it. The study surveyed men and women business leaders in the US and Europe, and got a conclusion that some companies and organizations frequently underestimating and underutilizing women's leadership talent, resulting in both women and companies lose profit. Ilene H. Lang, Catalyst president said that these companies need to take some actions to change the gender stereotyping, so that they can use women’s talent to work for companies.
In this article, ...

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