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pret a manger

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pret a manger essay previewpret a manger essay preview


5 performance objectives: Quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost


In an organisation there are 5 performance objectives: Quality, speed, dependability, flexibility and cost. These objectives can then be broken down into order-winning¸ order-qualifying and less-important factors. Order winning factors are

“Those things which directly and significantly contribute to winning business” (Slack et al. 1995 p72)

So they are essentially what the business does that places it above its competitors in the customers eyes. Order qualifying factors on the other hand are

“Those aspects of competitiveness where the operation’s performance has to be above a particular level just to be considered by the customer” (Slack et al. 1995 p72)

So order qualifying factors are merely what a customer expects at the very minimum from a company of this kind. Finally less important factors are

“Neither order winning or qualifying. They do not influence the customer in any significant way” (Slack et al. 1995 p72)

Therefore, all other factors that do not fall under order-winning or order-qualifying factors are less-important factors.


Quality is paramount to Pret a Manger. Quality to the organisation means offering nice looking and tasting food and coffee to the public. The company sources coffee from 4 countries (Ethiopia, Sumatra, Costa Rica and Brazil) to try to offer what it calls

“In “coffee speak” Pret’s blend possesses a rusty textured crema of very good quality” (

They take the quality of their coffee very seriously, once a packet of coffee is opened it is used within 14 days (then it is disposed of if not used) to ensure that they are using only the freshest coffee. They also do not use chemicals and additives in their foods, with food delivered in fresh daily. Pret advertise in store the fact that their food and coffee are fresh, with such things as a strip below the pricing of coffee, telling you when the coffee they are currently using in store was roasted. As a result, quality is an order winning factor for Pret. They use their high quality to try to attract customers to them, and away from their competition.


Speed across the entire coffee shop industry is of large importance to many customers, with a large portion of customers wanting to go in to the shop, buy a coffee and then be out of the shop within a few minutes. For the organisation, speed is not as high on their priorities as quality, however they must still give it a high priority otherwise they will lose custom. Speed in Pret a Manger can be seen not only in how long it takes for a customer to purchase something, but also in how they get their coffee from where it is grown, to their shops. As they have a strict 14 day deadline ...

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