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New Business Development (Electrical Bicycle) Free essay! Download now

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New Business Development (Electrical Bicycle)

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Downloads to date: N/A | Words: 421 | Submitted: 13-Jan-2012
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New Business Development (Electrical Bicycle) essay previewNew Business Development (Electrical Bicycle) essay preview


About Electrical bicycle strength and weaknesses


My product can reduce the overwhelming and save the money. Although it using the eletricity, it is better than using a car. You get the E-bicycle, that mean you will get more time and convenience.
Our states government or politicians always encourage people to join the bicycle activities or some clarity jogging. I think government also support the E-bicycle because we will encourage the teenagers ride(use electric or leg) the bicycle, we try to let them avoid the illegal or unhealty activities such as smoking or taking drug.
In future the petrol price will be increase, so E-bicycle can substitute the car. And E-bicycle is convineince if you stay nearby the working area, it can save the parking fee, and parking time. Now, malaysia facing inflation so everything is raising price. E-bicycle maybe is the best choice because the cheap cost and more functional. (Oppotunities)
Social Culture
In malaysia, a lot of people like to ride bicycle. We always can see the street or the news(local) have the citizens ride the bicycle go walk around the states. Although they maybe wonít accecpt, this can encourage those donít enough energy or stamina people join this kind of healty activities. (half opportunities half threat)
Now, hybrid car is producing. So maybe in future they will come out more and more hybrid car or hybrid motor vehicle. In european country, they start to produce some E-bicycle is have roof cover the people. (half threat half opportunities)
Nowadays, all people is talking about how to save the earth or environment. If the bicycle can substitute car, i think this is the best way to help the earth or environment. E-bicycle is a environmental friendly transportation.
We will refund some profit to the society or secondary school, we try to attract those secondary school teenagerís parent. We doing directly supplier to students and give them cheaper price. We will set the repair place nearby the school or more hotspot(got more customer staying or working place). Last but not least we will set up a after sales services team to service our customers, we also collect the feeback from the customers. In future, we hope we will have own brand and product line, so we not need to take E-bicycle with manufacturer.
Our company donít have a strong brand name, so the customer donít have confident to buy our product. Malaysia citizens is lack of E-bicycle lover, we will lack of customers.

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