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National culuture Free essay! Download now

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National culuture

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National culuture  essay previewNational culuture  essay preview


This essay is describing culture of various nations


National culture has a strong influence on enterprise also known as collective phenomenon. National Culture is the lens to the world through which we can view everything. Research on national culture is required now a day as multinational organizations are expanding their area. According to Hofstede culture is learned not inherited. All the five measures used by hofstede shows how culture varies in different countries. These are labeled as individualism, masculinity, power distance, and uncertainty avoidance, and Long term orientation.
All these five dimensions compare the culture of all the countries and then show which country is more favorable to changes. Culture helps to increase the trust. As we have shown in our example that John Adams will not have any problem if he transferred from United State to Colombia as all the dimensions show that john will easily adjust to the environment of Colombia. Culture varies from country to country even if it may vary with in a country. We can take example of India. In India there are many of the different culture present.
Power distance is the first measure of Hofstede which tells us how the power should be distributed and it is predicted by climate, Population and distribution of wealth. The second dimension according to which the culture varies is masculinity (MAS). MAS explains the degree to which a culture values such as caring for others and its only predictor is climate. Uncertainty avoidance refers to the extent t to which a culture is threatened by some of dubious situations and thus creating more and more structures. If it is high then it shows that culture have low tolerance. It does not have any predictors. Individualism describes the degree to which a culture relies on and economic development predicts this measure in efficient way. Last but not the least measure that is long term orientation versus short term orientation explains the rapid economic development of many Asian countries.

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