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Motorola brand in China's course Free essay! Download now

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Motorola brand in China's course

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Motorola brand in China's course


Our main conclusion and recommendation, therefore, is that Motorola should speed up to the new technical research and development, and enlarges the brand effect in the future.


Motorola is the telecommunication great master, which enters the Chinese cell phone market most early; its once occupied the Chinese cell phone market biggest share by the absolute superiority. In the simulation mobile phone time, nobody can contend with Motorola, at that time 8,900, 9,900 mobile phones are called "the mobile phone", had already became the Chinese mobile phone’s the pronoun. By the end of 1997, different understanding about the new emerging thing GSM caused the Ericsson Corporation to capture 35% cell phone market share, successfully dragged Motorola from the market overlord’s throne. Another Northern Europe new armed force Nokia also promptly grasped this new market opportunity, struggled the development in this market share, had seized a big piece of the Motorola's territory. Following closely in 1998, although Motorola promptly had adjusted the strategy, promoted a series of GSM cell phone; it reluctantly lost the offensive and under control of others. The consumer had indistinctly felt that Motorola started getting old.

Statement of Problem

In the analysis we will focus on the following questions:

 When the fatal fault appeared in Motorola, then has lost a major part markets share suddenly?
 Which does the formidable competitor Motorola face at past?
 Why does Motorola have to introduce a new concept to itself?
 Which measures did Motorola take to make up for its fault at that time?
 What market idea did Motorola take to itself to compete against its competitors afterwards?
 What were the Motorola’s counter-attack and the new band image “M”?


Information and data will be collected from Motorola’s website and be supplemented by material from Professional's commentary. Etc.

The main part
I. The course of the band gets older.
1. The Motorola’s initial product carrier, in a certain degree solidified the brand image, which is in the consumer’s mind. The simulation of cell phone time, popular named "mobile phone" (Motorola)"the brick hairstyle" dominated the whole mobile phone market, may as well say that Motorola is the pronoun of mobile phone. Because lacks of the competitors, Motorola’s variety are unitary, and the colour is black in the whole. Motorola's simulation cell phone has a deep affect on the consumer and even the entire society. "The mobile phone" becomes the Motorola’s brand most famous carrier, but in young people's subconscious, Motorola is a kind of their father's generation products to some extents.
2. . Chinese translated name is straightforward and complicated. Motorola's English full title is MOTOROLA, Chinese name is completely translates directly, does not have any image concrete meaning, also doesn’t take advantage of the connotation of the English name itself to have a rich connotation and brand individuality Chinese name. At the same time this name is a little long and awkward-sounding.

3. Engineers’ spirit in the product guidance time. The culture of Motorola's enterprise is remote; there is rich humanities connotation. But Motorola is a high tech enterprise which is built up by taking the science and technology and by means of the science and technology as in a forerunner's traditional significance, product guidance engineer’ spirit holds the suitable component in its enterprise culture. Although this kind of spirit makes people truly admired, when promoting the market, it is actually to cause the serious fault easily.

4. With the change of social and the market, causes the brand to face in the obsolete technology and the culture dual risk. The mobile phone belongs to individual consumption, has entrusted with the personalization color. Personalization including two stratification planes: On the one hand, the personalization is consumer emotion outside, the personalization process is the self- approval process, and the final goal is for obtain the society approve. The consumer purchases can display the individuality mobile phone or decorate the mobile phone, the materially is takes the mobile phone one kind of expense mark. With the aid of the mobile phone, the consumer expressed and has transmitted some kind of significance and the information to the outside, including own status, status, individuality, personal status, appeal and approval. On the other hand, the personalization is consumer emotion internalizing, is one way that the consumer emotion divulges, is consumer's one kind of self- exchange. Along with in the social relations attenuation and the society the emotion life desalination and the private densification, cause the people to take the emotion support gradually by the thing the substitution source. The human sentiment desalination has encouraged the loving. The market is not static; the brand exists by no means in fixed time, the consumer’s status change all the time. If you are in a long period of time, still have not told the news to the consumer you exists, still has not taken new feelings to the consumer, the consumer can naturally put you to the ranks which the brand gets older. Facing the market and consumer's change, Motorola has not been able to adjust it’s own brand image before 1998 promptly, "the scientific giant" brand image solidification has made the heroic later years impression to the consumer.

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